EPA Launches New Webpage: Water Quality Standards Tools for Tribes

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Monday 02/20/2017 11:30PM to 11:45PM EST
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EPA has launched a new webpage to showcase tools developed to assist tribes in establishing Clean Water Act-effective water quality standards (WQS). These tools are designed to help simplify the application process for tribes to be treated in a similar manner as states (TAS) and streamline development of tribal WQS. The tools are another step toward EPA’s goal of addressing a longstanding gap in Clean Water Act (CWA) protections. Currently, fewer than 50 of over 300 tribes with reservation lands have WQS effective under the CWA. While the tools are not required for successful completion of TAS and WQS submissions, tribes may use the tools as a starting point and are encouraged to coordinate with EPA regional offices throughout the TAS application and WQS development process.