EPA in Wisconsin

NPDES Petition for Program Withdrawal in Wisconsin

In October 2015, Midwest Environmental Advocates (MEA) a nonprofit environmental law center filed a petition to withdraw Wisconsin’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program due to, among other things, the state’s limited progress on the 75 discrepancies or issues between state and federal statutes and rules that EPA identified in its 2011 Legal Authority Review (LAR). 

Legal Authority Review Status

The following documents summarize the status of EPA’s review of the State of Wisconsin’s actions taken to address the 75 issues identified in the LAR.

The following documents are a summary of each 2011 legal authority review issue that EPA has determined as being resolved.  Each summary document identifies the issue, actions taken by the State to resolve the issue, and EPA’s conclusions based on an analysis of those actions. (add this)

Documents Related to Resolved Issues

Supporting Documents Related to the Status of EPA’s Legal Authority Review

Adm. Hedman Letter regarding LAR

Dir. Hyde Letter regarding resolved issues

Note: EPA is posting this document for informational purposes only.  As noted in EPA’s Status document above, some issues described as resolved are no longer considered by EPA to be resolved.

Adm. Hedman Letter regarding resolved issue

Documents related to the Midwest Environmental Advocates, Inc., Petition for NPDES Program Withdrawal in Wisconsin.