Learn about the Water Laboratory Alliance

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Learn about the Water Laboratory Alliance

Water Laboratory Alliance (WLA) is a nationwide network of laboratories that serves the water sector. This network helps laboratories and utilities respond to water contamination events involving chemical, biological and radiochemical contaminants. The WLA is part of the Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN).

ERLN laboratories analyze:

  • Air
  • Soil
  • Surfaces
  • Water

The Water Laboratory Alliance is a part of the Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Networks

Apply to become a member

Laboratories and utilities are encouraged to join WLA.

Watch the video to learn how to become a WLA member and fill out the ERLN application form.

"Water Laboratory Alliance (WLA): Becoming a Member" provides information on the benefits of becoming a member (runtime 29:39)

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Benefits of membership

WLA members are part of a nationwide network of laboratories. Members have priority access to emergency response exercises and other water security-related training opportunities. Members will gain more:

  • Analytical support to respond to emergencies
  • Peer laboratories to share analytical skills and address challenges
  • Knowledge of neighboring laboratory capability and available personnel

The video below provides information on the benefits of joining. 

"Water Laboratory Alliance-Overview for Members" provides members with an overview of the WLA (runtime 32:49 min)

In addition to direct benefits for WLA members, this network can be an asset to other water sector stakeholders. State primacy agencies cannot join WLA directly, but laboratories in their state can become members.