Water and Energy Research

Water flowing over flood gates of a dam

As the country’s population grows and we have more and more technological advances, we also increase demands for energy and mineral resources. Along with that comes the desire to supply a greater fraction of our energy and mineral demands from domestic sources. We also need to mitigate production and release of greenhouse gases. All of these challenges point to the need to diversify our energy and mineral production.

Currently, the Nation is exploring recovery of unconventional fossil fuel sources and geothermal, wind and wave, solar and even nuclear energy in our energy portfolio and all exert different pressures on the Nation’s water resources. Research at EPA aims to ensure that water resources remain safe for the human population and for the environment.

In addition to safeguarding water resources from unintended impacts of energy and mineral exploration, EPA research also examines and develops methods for energy recovery. Water research focuses on energy efficient technologies that optimize resource recovery at drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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