Promoting Sustainability through Net Zero Strategies

What is Net Zero? Net Zero logo, energy, waste, water

Conserving water, reducing energy use, and eliminating solid waste can improve the environment, save money, and help communities become more sustainable and resilient. EPA researchers are helping by developing and implementing Net Zero strategies, approaches, and technologies. Simply put, Net Zero means consuming only as much energy as produced, achieving a sustainable balance between water availability and demand, and eliminating solid waste sent to landfills. EPA's research focuses on pooling federal, state and local expertise and resources to make a positive impact on a grand scale while fostering economic growth and promoting citizen health and well-being. Learn more about Net Zero Concepts and Definitions

Mission Statement of EPA's Net Zero Initiative

  • Assist communities and our military in achieving their sustainability and resiliency goals of Net Zero and Net Positive Energy, Net Zero Waste, and Net Zero Water in ways that protect human health and the environment while generating societal and economic benefits.
  • Integrate and advance the science and demonstration of Net Zero/Net Positive (NZ/NP) strategies, approaches, and technologies for a wide spectrum of partners, including the Department of Defense, municipalities, water utilities, developers, and communities.

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For more information on the Net Zero Initiative, please contact:

Michael Nye, Program Manager for Net Zero Initiative
Jose Zambrana, Senior Science Advisor