EPA Science Matters Newsletter: Green Infrastructure Research

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure refers to natural vegetation, landscape design, and engineered techniques that retain, absorb, and often cleanse stormwater runoff. Read more about green infrastructure.


Green Infrastructure Adds Up: EPA's National Stormwater Calculator 

EPA tool helps developers and others tap green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff and plan for a changing climate. Read more about the Stormwater Calculator.


Helping Pittsburgh and Other Cities Expand Green Infrastructure

EPA tool helps communities adopt green infrastructure and other best management practices (BMPs) to improve stormwater management. Read more about Pittsburgh and other cities using green infrastructure.


Straightening the Road to Reuse: Connections between Demolition and Green Infrastructure

An EPA research hydrologist and partners are helping urban communities convert vacant lots into stormwater-absorbing green spaces. Read more about how vacant lots can reduce stormwater runoff.


From Gray to Green: Helping Communities Adopt Green Infrastructure

EPA’s “Greening CSO Plans” report is a resource for communities looking for innovative, lower-cost ways to reduce combined sewer overflows. Read more about "Greening CSO Plans."


Greening Philly

EPA and the City of Philadelphia partner to advance innovative urban stormwater control. Read more about greening Philadelphia.


RARE Partnerships Advance Green Infrastructure Research

EPA’s Regional Applied Research Effort program is helping local communities across the country study how green infrastructure can help them manage stormwater runoff. Read more about RARE partnerships.


Support for Soaking Up the Rain 

EPA partnership lowers barriers to using green infrastructure in local stormwater plans. Read more about Soaking Up the Rain.


EPA Science Matters for Kids: "Green Infrastructure"- Soaking it In!

Building a rain garden is a fun way to help keep your waterways healthy and learn about the water cycle! Read more about how to build a rain garden.