Verified Technologies for SmartWay and Clean Diesel

SmartWay Verified List of Idling Reduction Technologies (IRTs) for Trucks and School Buses


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The table below shows SmartWay Verified IRTs for trucks and school buses.

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Technology types include:
  • APU/GS (Auxiliary Power Units and Generator Sets) for trucks
  • BAC (Battery Air Conditioning Systems) for trucks
  • EPS/TSE (Electrified Parking Spaces/Truck Stop Electrification) for trucks
  • FOH aka DFH (Fuel Operated Heaters aka Direct Fired Heaters) for trucks and school buses
  • TSS (Thermal Storage Systems) for trucks
Technology Type Applicable for Company Model(s)
EPS/TSE Truck American Idle Reduction, LLC (formerly Craufurd Manufacturing, LLC) Not provided
EPS/TSE Truck CabAire, LLC Not provided
EPS/TSE Truck EnviroDock Not provided
EPS/TSE Truck IdleAir Technologies Corporation Not provided
EPS/TSE Truck Philips and Temro Industries Not provided
EPS/TSE Truck Shorepowerâ„¢ Technologies Not provided
EPS/TSE Truck Xantrex Technology & Cab Comfort Not provided
APU/GS Truck ACEMCO Power Systems, LLC ACEMCO Power Unit Series 1
APU/GS Truck Airworks Compressors Corp Fusion APU
APU/GS Truck Big Rig Products Nite Hawk
APU/GS Truck Carrier Transicold ComfortPro
APU/GS Truck Centramatic Centramatic
APU/GS Truck Diamond Power Systems, LLC Diamond Power System
APU/GS Truck Dunamis Power Systems Promax
APU/GS Truck Hodyon LP Dynasys APU
APU/GS Truck Kohler 3APU, 7 APU
APU/GS Truck Life Force Life Force
APU/GS Truck Mantis Metalworks, LLC Model 175
APU/GS Truck McMillan Electric Company IdleTime 4500-300
APU/GS Truck McMillan Electric Company IdleTime 4500-400
APU/GS Truck Midwest Power Generators MPG702
APU/GS Truck Navistar Fleetrite APU, MaxxPower APU w/ HVAC
APU/GS Truck Navistar Fleetrite by Mobile Thermo Systems Inc. INTAPU146 and INTAPUT46
APU/GS Truck Parks Industries, LLC Hp 2000
APU/GS Truck Pony Pack, Inc. Pony Pack
APU/GS Truck Power Technology Southeast PowerPac
APU/GS Truck RigMaster Power by Mobile Thermo Systems Inc. MTS T4-6
APU/GS Truck Star Class GEN-STAR 4500, GEN-STAR 6000
APU/GS Truck Thermo King Corp. TriPac
APU/GS Truck TRIDAKO Energy Systems Power Cube
APU/GS Truck Volvo 971-003/4 (optional 82A-B1X)
APU/GS Truck Willis Power Systems Willis APU
FOH aka DFH Truck Automotive Climate Control FFHD 2
FOH aka DFH Truck Espar Heater Systems D1LC, D3LC, Airtronic D2/D4, Hydronic 5/8/10/12
FOH aka DFH Truck Proheat A2, A4, X45
FOH aka DFH Truck Volvo 41-11
FOH aka DFH Truck Webasto Air Top 2000, Air Top 3500, Thermo 90S
FOH aka DFH Truck Webasto Air Top 2000 ST (new version of Air Top 2000)
FOH aka DFH Truck Webasto Air Top Evo 3900 (new version of Air Top 3500)
FOH aka DFH Truck Webasto Thermo 90 ST (new version of Thermo 90S)
FOH aka DFH Truck Webasto Air Top Evo 5500 (new version of Air Top 5000)
FOH aka DFH Truck Webasto TSL 17 (Thermo Top C/Z)
FOH aka DFH Truck Webasto DBW 2010
FOH aka DFH School Bus Espar Heater Systems E-Guardian 5 (Hydronic D5)
FOH aka DFH School Bus Espar Heater Systems E-Guardian 8 (Hydronic D8)
FOH aka DFH School Bus Espar Heater Systems E-Guardian 10 (Hydronic D10)
FOH aka DFH School Bus Espar Heater Systems E-Guardian 12 (Hydronic D12), and Airtronic D2, Airtronic D4, Airtronic D5
FOH aka DFH School Bus Proheat X45
FOH aka DFH School Bus Webasto TSL 17 (Thermo Top C/Z)
FOH aka DFH School Bus Webasto Scholastic Heater (DBW 2010)
BAC Truck All Around Contracting LLC Kool Rig System
BAC Truck AuraGen Inverter/Charger System
BAC Truck Bergstrom, Inc NITE
BAC Truck Cool Moves Bycool Mochila and Bycool Revolution
BAC Truck Cool Moves Minicool Compact and Minicool Dinamic
BAC Truck Cool Moves RDK4 and RTK5
BAC Truck Crosspoint Solutions LLC ClimaCab
BAC Truck DC Power Solutions APU/AC System
BAC Truck Diamond Power Systems LLC DPS 10K-DC and DPS 15KB
BAC Truck Dometic Corp. Sleeper AC
BAC Truck Driver Comfort System Driver Comfort System
BAC Truck Stealth Power Long-Haul Idle Reduction System
(formerly, Energy Xtreme Independence Package Long-Haul Comfort System)
battery APU/AC system
BAC Truck Freightliner Cascadia Park Smart System
BAC Truck Hammond Air Conditioning, LTD Artic Breeze
BAC Truck Idle Free Systems Reefer Link System I
BAC Truck Indel B Sleeping Wel Arctic 1000, Arctic 2000, Oblo
BAC Truck Kenworth Idle Management System KIMS (with Bergstrom NITE Phoenix and optional, Espar Airtronic D2 heater)
BAC Truck NAS, LLC / Comfort Cab 100 M (Battery HVAC)
BAC Truck Navistar MaxxPower Battery HVAC System (with Espar E-Guardian Heater and insulated sleeper curtain)
BAC Truck Paddock Solar Paddock Solar
BAC Truck Peterbilt Comfort Class System
BAC Truck Safer Corporation VIESA
BAC Truck Sobo Inc./ Kingtec Technologies (Heyuan) Co. Ltd. Sleeper AC 12K10F3-1
BAC Truck Sun Power Technologies Sleeper AC
BAC Truck Thermo King TriPak e
BAC Truck Volvo 971-001/2
TSS Truck Autotherm Division Enthal Systems, Inc. T-2500 Energy Recovery System
TSS Truck Webasto BlueCool Truck