Verified Technologies for SmartWay and Clean Diesel

SmartWay Verified List of Idling Reduction Technologies (IRTs) for Locomotives


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The table below shows SmartWay Verified IRTs for locomotives.

Technology types include:
  • AESS (Automatic Engine Shut-down/Start-up Systems)
  • APU/GS (Auxiliary Power Units and Generator Sets)
  • FOH aka DFH (Fuel Operated Heaters aka Direct Fired Heaters)
  • SCS (Shore Connection Systems)
Technology Type Company Model(s)
SCS HOTSTART Manufacturing Company (Electric Driven Heating Systems) Not provided
SCS Norfolk Southern Corporation NS/TER SLEEPER
SCS Power Drives, Inc. DWS-120 (fuel operated heater)
APU/GS HOTSTART Manufacturing Company Not provided
APU/GS IMPCO Technologies Canada, Inc. RAPU2174
APU/GS Power Drives, Inc. DWS-APU
APU/GS Proheat Ecotrans L.P. Not provided
APU/GS StarClass Rail Star 100
FOH aka DFH A.S.T. Group 35kW, 50kW and 90kW LTP Systems (includes automatic Start/Stop capability)
FOH aka DFH StarClass Rail Star F90
AESS GE Transportation Not provided
AESS Motive Power Q Tron QEG-1000
AESS Motive Power Q Tron Engine Run Manager System (for use in conjunction with an auxiliary power unit)
AESS Motive Power Q Tron QES-III (micro processor locomotive control with integrated AESS functionality)
AESS ZTR Control Systems/HOTSTART - Integrated AESS+APU DDHSJR-111
AESS ZTR Control Systems SmartStart IIe