Verified Technologies for SmartWay and Clean Diesel

Overview of the Verification Process for Clean Diesel Technology

The verification process for Clean Diesel technology evaluates the performance and durability of retrofits submitted by manufacturers.

This process:
  • Provides users with confidence that the technology will perform as expected;
  • Includes a thorough review of the technology with any supporting test data;
  • Quantifies levels of emission reductions and conditions that must be met for technologies to achieve those reductions; and
  • Identifies engine operating criteria.

There are four parts to the process:

Part 1: Requirements review

Before applying for verification of your Clean Diesel Technology, there are some important considerations and requirements to review.

Part 2: Application

Fill out the online applicationĀ to provide basic information.

Part 2b: Supplemental Info for Application

Submit requested technology-specific information.

Part 3: Testing

Testing consists of selecting a test facility, developing a test plan, and working with EPA to ensure the quality of the testing.
  • Click this link or the tab above: Testing

Part 4: Evaluation

Evaluation includes data analysis and interpretation, receipt of a Verification letter, and if accepted, inclusion on the Verified Technologies List.