Verified Technologies for SmartWay and Clean Diesel

Overview of the SmartWay Verification Process for Idling Reduction Technologies (IRTs) for Trucks

EPA's SmartWay Verification Program evaluates the ability of IRTs to decrease main engine idling in Class 8 long haul tractor trailers in order to save fuel and reduce emissions.

  • Due to the complexity of the verification process, EPA cannot guarantee specific time frames for completion.
  • Manufacturers can expedite the process by providing immediate and thorough responses to all EPA inquiries.

There are five parts to this process:

Part 1: Requirements

Make sure you meet the device eligibility requirements before applying.

Part 2: Application

Fill out the web form completely.

Part 3: Technology Info

In this phase, users will provide technology-specific information.

Part 4: Testing

Testing consists of selecting a test facility, developing a test plan, and working with EPA to ensure the quality of the testing. Please DO NOT conduct verification testing without EPA approval.

Part 5: Evaluation

Evaluation includes reviewing the verification test data and if satisfactory, issuance of a Verification letter, and addition to the Verified List.