Verified Technologies for SmartWay and Clean Diesel

Information about the EPA web transformation effort for Verified Technology for SmartWay and Clean Diesel

For a list of the pages on this website, please view: 

Why is EPA transforming our websites?

EPA is transforming our websites to better meet the needs of our web visitors. 

The new sites will:
  • Provide easier access to information about the work we are doing;
  • Improve EPA’s transparency and openness to our audiences;
  • Provide a consolidated resource for priority topics; and
  • Create more relevant content for specific audiences.

Will the website address change?

Yes, the new website address will change based on the new name. Bookmarks linked to the old website address will be redirected to the homepage of the new site. 

Websites that have not yet been transitioned have been transferred to a new server location, called "www3."  For example, redirects to

If I need help with the new website, who should I contact? 

For help with the new website, please email EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality Public Information Line: