Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

UST-LUST Virtual Classroom

The UST-LUST Virtual Classroom provides training to EPA employees, including UST inspectors, as well as other federal, state, local, and tribal employees interested in learning about USTs. The first module, Introduction To The Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Program, provides an explanation of the UST regulations; identifies the differences between the UST and leaking UST programs (LUST); discusses financial responsibility; and orients new users to the components of an UST system. The second module, Basic UST Inspector Training, describes how inspectors can prepare for and conduct compliance inspections at typical UST sites.  The UST-LUST Virtual Classroom is available through EPA’s National Enforcement Training Institutes (NETI) eLearning Center Training Catalog.

Accessing EPA's NETI eLearning Center

  • For EPA employees– access Adobe Connect, insert your EPA email address and Adobe Connect password to access NETI's eLearning Center.
  • For other federal, state, local, and tribal employees– Register for a NETI eLearning Center account, which allows you access to the eLearning Center.

Taking UST-LUST Training On EPA's NETI eLearning Center

  • Access EPA's NETI eLearning Center
  • Click on the tab “Training Catalog”; in the left box, open the folder “Training Catalog” 
  • Open the folder “NETI eLearning Center”
  • Open the folder “EPA Inspector Credential Training”
  • Scroll down and open the folder “RCRA Training”
  • In the middle box, open the last folder “UST Inspector Training & Basic Inspector Training”
  • In the right box, choose “Enroll” and begin the training

For additional assistance, contact Tim Smith at smith.timr@epa.gov or 202-564-0643.