USS Lead Superfund Site

The USS Lead Superfund site is located in East Chicago, Indiana. The site includes part of the former USS Lead facility along with nearby commercial, municipal and residential areas.  The primary contaminants of concern are lead and arsenic. The USS Lead site was listed on the National Priorities List of the worst contaminated sites in the country in 2009. The Superfund site is broken into two Operable Units. The first, OU1, has been divided into three zones. These zones include a public housing complex and residential properties.

Latest News

As winter approaches, EPA has shut down most sampling and cleanup activities in the residential areas near the USS Lead Superfund site. Sampling, excavation and restoration will resume in the spring. In the meantime, EPA will continue to update local public information repositories with site documents, present community workshops on the Superfund Program and mail updates to residents.

Over the last several months, EPA workers have conducted in-home cleaning of Zone 1 buildings and begun excavation and in-home cleaning in Zone 2 and Zone 3

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