USS Lead Photo Gallery

USS Lead photos

Workers clean floors in the West Calumet Housing Complex. Workers collect soil samples from yards. EPA staff talk to residents. Workers collect dust samples from home. Workers collects soil samples. Workers sample soil.EPA covered bare patches of soil around homes with mulch. EPA community involvement coordinators went door-to-door in the West Calumet Housing Complex giving residents advice on reducing exposure to lead in the soil. EPA community involvement coordinators distributed flyers warning residents not to allow children to dig or play in the dirt. The mulch will provide a temporary barrier until EPA can dig up and remove the contaminated soil. EPA used mulch to cover patches of bare dirt at the West Calumet Housing Complex and Goodman Park. EPA contractors spread mulch around a picnic bench in Goodman Park. EPA covered bare soil in residential yards with hardwood mulch. EPA contractors haul mulch to playground and residential yards. EPA workers spread mulch over bare spots at West Calumet Housing complex to reduce lead exposure. div>