Urban Waters Partnership

Urban Forest Connections webinar on Urban Waters

"Reviving Urban Watersheds: Innovations from the Urban Waters Federal Partnership"

September 14th, 2016 -- 

The Urban Waters Federal Partnership leverages the efforts and resources of 14 federal agencies in service of community-led restoration and community development partnerships in 19 watersheds around the country. This webinar highlighted innovative collaborations forged in these learning laboratories that can be applied and adapted in orther communities. Surabhi Shah, Director of EPA's Urban Waters Program, presented an overview of the federal partnership and national level resources, sharing key accomplishments and insights from its evolution over the past five years. Sarah Low, from USDA Forest Service, provided examples of how the Forest Service has been engaged with local Urban Waters projects, connecting science with communities, and forests to faucets. Tracey Stanton, Ambassador for the Green-Duwamish Urban Waters Partnership, offered a field-level perspective and shared lessons from the Green-Duwamish Urban Waters Partnership in the greater Seattle region. 

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