Urban Waters Partnership

Green-Duwamish Watershed (Washington)

The Green-Duwamish River Watershed is home to some of the most economically and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the nation. Sparsely populated rural areas, urban fringe, and industrial areas are represented across this watershed. Tribes have used this watershed for centuries for traditional, cultural and subsistence uses. The City of Tacoma relies on it for its municipal water source. It also supports regional economic growth through the Port and Seattle and a strong industrial base.

In addition, the watershed and its many tributaries provide habitat for five species of salmon, several of which are listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Many groups, including Native American tribes, numerous government agencies, stewardship groups, and community organizations are already actively pursuing restoration, environmental justice and citizen-based stewardship in this watershed. The goal of the Green-Duwamish Watershed Urban Waters Federal Partnership (UWFP) is to enhance their effectiveness operating through a  locally-driven approach that meets the needs of people in the community.

In its first year, the partnership has already achieved a new level of coordination between the Environmental Protection Agency, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the USDA Forest Service. Despite the promise of no new funding from the Urban Waters initiative, the partnership can be credited with bringing some $250,000 in new coordination, research and program development dollars to the watershed.

List of Partners

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • U.S. EPA, Region 10, Washington Operations Office
  • U.S. EPA, Region 10
  • U.S. Geological Survey Washington Water Science Center
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station
  • U.S. Forest Service, Research and Development Urban Research
  • U.S. Forest Service, Coop Forestry, State and Private Forestry
  • U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station-Contractor
  • U.S. Forest Service, National Forest System, Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie

Local Partnership Workplan