Urban Waters Partnership

The Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program - 2017

The Urban Waters Federal Partnership is proud to sponsor the Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program. The program seeks to develop community capacity by providing modest assistance to diverse local partnerships for river, wetlands, riparian, forest and coastal restoration, and wildlife conservation.  Water monitoring, stormwater management, source water protection, urban tree canopy restoration and projects designed to prevent trash from entering waterways are just some of the types of projects the Partnership supports. The Partnership gives priority to projects that improve and protect urban waterways in overburdened or economically distressed communities.  More information about the 2017 Request for Proposals can be found on the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's website. To submit your application, please log in here: https://easygrants.nfwf.org Exit

In 2017, the Urban Waters Federal Partnership will give special consideration to projects which directly advance priorities of the 19 Urban Water Federal Partnership designated locations.

19 Designated Locations Pages have more information on the priorities of the 19 designated locations. Select a specific location on the left-hand list or below location images.  

The 19 Locations Map shows the geographic boundaries for the designated locations.

The application period is open from November 1, 2016 - January 31, 2017.