Underground Injection Control (UIC)

Requirements for all Class I Wells and Class I Hazardous Waste Wells

There are a common set of requirements for all Class I wells and Class I hazardous waste wells. The common requirements are categorized by:

  • Siting - Demonstrates fluids are injected into a formation that is below the lowermost formation containing a USDW, and within 1/4 mile of a well.
  • Construction - Requires a multilayered design to prevent fluids from entering USDWs.
  • Operation, monitoring, and testing - Ensures multiple safeguards to ensure the injected wastewater is fully confined. 
  • Record keeping and reporting - Ensures that there are no leaks in the casing, tubing, or packer and that the injected fluid is contained within the injection zone. 
  • Closure - Informs the UIC program about the operation of the well and all testing results. 
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