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Federal Facilities in the 2015 TRI National Analysis

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This map shows the federal facilities that reported to Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) in 2015. Click on a facility for details on their TRI reporting.

Federal Facilities Reporting to TRI, 2015
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In 1993, President Clinton signed Executive Order 12856, “Federal Compliance with Right-to-Know Law and Pollution Prevention Requirements.” This order established that TRI reporting requirements be extended to all federal facilities that meet TRI threshold reporting criteria regardless of the type of operations at the facility, as described by their NAICS code. These actions were recently affirmed in March 2015 by President Obama through Executive Order 13693, “Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade.” Due to these requirements, federal facilities are subject to the TRI reporting requirements.

Quick Facts for 2015: Federal Facilities (All Sectors)

Measure Value
Number of Facilities that Reported to TRI 449
   Number of Facilities with New Source Reduction Activities    21
Production-Related Waste Managed 181.2 million lb
   Recycled    43.1 million lb
   Energy Recovery    0.2 million lb
   Treated    86.1 million lb
   Disposed of or Otherwise Released    51.8 million lb
Total Disposal or Other Releases 61.2 million lb
   On-site    58.8 million lb
      Air       15.4 million lb
      Water       13.3 million lb
      Land       30.1 million lb
   Off-site    2.4 million lb

Note: Numbers may not sum exactly due to rounding.

This page was published in January 2017 and uses the 2015 TRI National Analysis dataset made public in TRI Explorer in October 2016.

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