Tribal Exchange Network

Exchange Network

The Environmental Information Exchange Network is an Internet-based system used by state, tribal, and territorial partners to share environmental and health information securely with one another and EPA.

Exchange Network Grant Program

The Exchange Network Grant Program provides funding to states, territories, and federally recognized Indian tribes to support the development of the National Environmental Information Exchange Network.

Exchange Network Cooperative Agreement 

Under an Exchange Network Cooperative Agreement, the grantee will provide Exchange Network-related outreach to federally recognized tribes through hosting the National Tribal Users Meeting, designing and maintaining a website, and publishing a regular newsletter. The grantee will also support tribal participation in Exchange Network Governance. Furthermore, the grantee will provide collaboration, mentoring, and information sharing among tribal stakeholders through development of a mentoring program.

Tribes & the Exchange Network

The Tribal Exchange Network Exit website serves as a platform for new and existing tribal Exchange Network (EN) users to connect with one another and access relevant information and resources. The site includes basic information on the EN and useful tribal information, tools and resources for website visitors.

Exchange Network Tribal Governance Group

The Tribal Governance Group (TGG) Exit is an adhoc group of tribal professional that work to support the management and communication of Tribes' environmental data and advocate for Tribal interests in the Exchange Network.

OEI Tribal Coordination

Tribal coordination by OEI provides information on OEI’s Tribal Strategy, Tribal Accomplishments Reports, and consultation opportunities. Includes access to programs of interest: Exchange Network, EPA’s Data Quality Efforts, and the Toxics Release Inventory program.

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