Existing Source Registration Program for Tribal Minor New Source Review

EPA has created a registration program for minor sources in Indian country. Under the minor source registration program, if you own or operate an existing true minor source in Indian country (as defined in 40 CFR 49.152(d)) you must register your source with your reviewing authority in your area within 18 months after the effective date of this program, that is, by March 1, 2013.

If your non-oil and natural gas true minor source commences construction in the time period between the effective date of the Federal Indian Country Minor NSR rule and September 2, 2014, you must register your source with the reviewing authority in your area within 90 days after the source begins operation. If construction or modification of your non-oil and natural gas source commenced any time on or after September 2, 2014 and your source is subject to this rule, you must report your source’s actual emissions (if available) as part of your permit application and your permit application information will be used to fulfill all of the other registration requirements described in 40 CFR 49.160(c)(2). This registration will be a one-time registration (not an annual registration) of your source’s estimated actual and allowable emissions as provided in 40 CFR 49.160. 

If your true minor source is in the oil and natural gas sector, the above registration requirement applies, except that October 3, 2016 should be substituted for September 2, 2014.

For the Indian reservations subject to the registration requirements under 40 CFR 49.138 (‘‘Rule for the registration of air pollution sources and the reporting of emissions’’), the data being collected under that rule will be used to fulfill the requirements of this national registration program.

If you need to register your existing source, fill out the Existing Source Registration form and send it to your Reviewing Authority.

Tribal Registration Calculator

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