Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

TRI Threshold Screening Tool

Image showing someone using a pen to cross items off of a checklist
Note: The tool only applies to chemical releases that occurred in reporting year 2016.

The TRI Threshold Screening Tool uses a step-by-step questionnaire to assist facilities in determining whether they meet and/or exceed established facility, employee, and chemical thresholds and as such, may be required by Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) to report to the TRI Program.

This tool is only intended to help facilities determine whether they are required to report TRI data. The TRI Threshold Screening Tool doesn't help to fill out TRI reporting forms that facilities may be required to submit through the TRI-MEweb reporting application. We suggest that you print out the Threshold Screening Report at the end of the tool's third section for your reference.

TRI Reporting Requirements

Your facility is required to report to the TRI Program if it meets ALL of these three threshold criteria:

  • The facility is included in a TRI-covered North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code (see the TRI NAICS code webpage or Table I of the current Reporting Forms and Instructions for a complete list); and
  • The facility has 10 or more full-time employee equivalents (i.e., a total of 20,000 hours or greater; see 40 CFR 372.3); and
  • The facility manufactures (defined to include importing), processes or otherwise uses any EPCRA Section 313 chemical in quantities greater than the established threshold in the course of a calendar year.

Please note that Executive Order 13423 extends these reporting requirements to federal facilities, regardless of their SIC or NAICS code.

Before Using the Tool

The TRI Threshold Determinations Tutorial is a 10 minute narrated presentation that explains the TRI reporting requirements. This tutorial complements the Threshold Screening Tool.

You'll need some information before you begin:

  • Your facility's NAICS code(s) and your facility type (e.g., federal, GOCO (Government-owned, contractor-operated), or neither).
  • The number of employees at your facility, the total hours worked per week and the total weeks worked during the reporting year.
  • The EPCRA Section 313 chemicals and/or chemical categories that were manufactured, processed, or otherwise used at your facility and the corresponding quantities for each type of chemical activity (i.e., manufactured, processed, or otherwise used).