Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

TDX Viewer Information

The TDX Viewer is an application on the Central Data Exchange (CDX) that allows users to:

  • Determine which TRI facility submissions have been received by EPA’s Data Processing Center
  • Monitor the status of TRI transmissions from CDX to state nodes and manually "pull" TRI data to their nodes if necessary
  • Download copy of record TRI data (in XML) to the desktop in bulk

TDX Viewer User Guide (PDF)

State/Tribal/Territorial Benefits: The TDX Viewer gives users from states, tribes and territories near real-time access to TRI information that has been received by CDX. This access makes it much easier and faster for users to reconcile their own information with the data received by EPA.

Regional Benefits: Regional users can use the TDX Viewer to generate a list of facilities that have submitted TRI reports for the current reporting year, making the process of identifying potential non-compliant facilities much more quickly than was done previously.

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