Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

2016 TRI National Conference: Toxic Release! Game

During this special evening session, participants will have the opportunity to play “Toxic Release!” Students at SUNY Plattsburgh created this eco-educational simulation as part of the inaugural Toxics Release Inventory University Challenge. Toxic Release! is designed to mirror the real-world tensions and conflicts that exist among stakeholders embroiled in toxic release scenarios. The game uses TRI data to make the invisible dynamics associated with toxic releases more tangible. In other words, to help participants understand the compounding elements of toxic releases—such as source/sink dynamics, chemical fate, acute and persistent health effects, and risk awareness—that make managing them difficult.

At the outset, the game describes an industrial facility struggling to manage its hazardous waste and a community concerned about local environmental, human and economic health. Participants take on the roles of various stakeholders and interact to manage toxic releases in their community. The simulation pushes participants to think creatively while collaborating to explore the science, risk, management and policy development processes related to toxic releases. The scenarios included in the game reflect real-world cases, as documented by the TRI Program and National Public Radio’s Poisoned Places series.

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