Impaired Waters and TMDLs

Public Notice: Partial Approval/Partial Disapproval of Oregon 2012 303d List

Publish Date: 12/22/2016


EPA is partially approving and partially disapproving Oregon’s 2012 Impaired Waters List. 

EPA is proposing the addition of a total of 1,055 water quality limited segments to Oregon’s 303(d) list.  Please see "Documents" below for detailed information on this action, including EPA's cover letter to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and supporting data and information that EPA relied upon to make these decisions. 

Also seeking information on Oregon coastal marine waters

Separate from the comment period on EPA’s proposed additions described above, EPA is also seeking data, information and comments on potential aquatic life impairments in Oregon coastal marine waters.  Please see "Enclosure 2" for details regarding the specific nature of the information being sought, and submit any comments by the close of the comment period, which is also open through February 6, 2017. 

These comments can also be sent to Jill Fullagar ( Please include "OR 2012 Comment Period" in the subject line.

Supporting Documents

Applicant or Respondent

State of Oregon, Department of Environmental Quality