Title V Operating Permits

Title V Petitions

What are title V petitions?

A “title V petition” is a legal document submitted to the EPA pursuant to Section 505(b)(2) of the Clean Air Act and 40 C.F.R. § 70.8(d).

How can I file a title V petition?

The EPA requests that you file title V petitions electronically through the Central Data Exchange.

If you tried but you are unable to use the Central Data Exchange to file your petition, the EPA requests that you send your petition and associated attachments to the following e-mail address:  titleVpetitions@epa.gov.

If you have made every effort to electronically submit your petition but are simply unable to successfully do so, please submit a hardcopy of your petition to the following address:

Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Air Quality Policy Division
Operating Permits Group Leader
109 T.W. Alexander Dr. (C-504-01)
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711

Note: It is not necessary to send the petition directly to the Administrator’s Office so long as you have submitted your petition consistent with the instructions above. 

Where can I find more information?

  • Do you have a question about how to file a title V petition? If so, please send us an email at titleVpetitions@epa.gov
  • If you have a question about a specific permit or a specific due date for a petition, please contact the Regional air permitting office for the state in which the source is located. Air permitting contacts are available on the Permitting Under the Clean Air Act webpage.
  • All petitions submitted to the EPA are posted on the Agency’s title V petition database. This database also has PDF files of the Agency’s responses to petitions.

Note: If your petition includes any personal information such as an address, e-mail address, phone number etc…, that information will not be redacted by the EPA prior to posting of the petition on the EPA’s petition database. If you do not want that information posted, such information should not be included in your petition and can be included separately as part of a cover letter instead.

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