Superfund Remedial Program in Indian Country

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The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) provides broad federal authority to respond to releases of hazardous substances, as well as pollutants or contaminants.  Tribal roles are provided under the Superfund law.  EPA has a strong history of working collaboratively with federally recognized tribes in a government-to-government relationship.

Consultation and Coordination with Tribes

The 2011 EPA Policy on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribes and the 2016 supplemental guidance for discussing tribal treaty rights establish clear EPA standards for coordination and consultation with federally recognized tribal governments.  The EPA 2011 Policy defines when and how consultation takes place, designates EPA consultation contacts to promote consistency and coordination of the process, and establishes management oversight and reporting to ensure accountability and transparency. 

Current tribal consultation opportunities are available in the Tribal Consultation Opportunities Tracking System (TCOTS).

Click here for more information about consultation and coordination with tribes.

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Consideration of Tribal Treaty Rights and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Superfund Remedial Program

In January 2017, EPA issued Consideration of Tribal Treaty Rights and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Superfund Remedial Program (PDF)(6 pp, 372 K, About PDF) to provide recommendations for consideration of tribal treaty rights and traditional ecological knowledge in implementation of the Superfund Remedial Program.

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Tribal Superfund Working Group

The Tribal Superfund Working Group (TSFWG) is a network of tribal and government environmental professionals working on Superfund issues.  The intent of the group is to help build, maintain and enhance connections among tribal environmental professionals engaged in Superfund cleanup. The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals manages the TSFWG for EPA under a cooperative agreement.  More information about the TSFWG is available here:

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Related Information

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Organization Name Phone Number Email
OSRTI Anne Dailey 703-347-0373
OSRTI Christine Poore 703-603-9022
FFRRO Mary Cooke 202-564-0788
Region 1 Karen Lumino 617-918-1348
Region 2 Pam Tames 212-637-4255
Region 3 Lisa Denmark 215-814-3314
Region 4 Ofia Hodoh 404-562-9176
Region 5 Joana Bezerra 312-886-6004
Region 6 LaDonna Turner 214-665-6666
Region 7 Todd Davis 913-551-7749
Region 8 Amelia Piggott 303-312-6410
Region 9 Elaine Neibaur 415-972-3275
Region 10 Joanne Moore 206-553-0310

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