Superfund Groundwater Guidance and Reports

This area contains key EPA groundwater guidance and other selected reports which are frequently used by Superfund Remedial Project Managers (RPMs). The navigation tabs provide sub topic areas which include a subset of the documents useful to RPMs and others when investigating and cleaning up groundwater sites. Please see the Groundwater Topics Table of Contents to find topics of your interest. There is also a table of all groundwater documents included in this web area that can be filtered by name. 

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Summary of Key Existing EPA CERCLA Policies for Groundwater Restoration

Summary of Key Existing EPA CERCLA Policies for Groundwater Restoration, June 26, 2009, OSWER Directive 9283.1-33 (PDF) (12 pp, 2250 K, About PDF)
This Directive provides a compilation of some key EPA groundwater policies to assist EPA Regions in making groundwater restoration decisions in accordance with CERCLA and the NCP.  

  • Whether CERCLA remedial action is warranted
  • Appropriate role of institutional controls (ICs)
  • Groundwater classification and beneficial use policy
  • Remedial action cleanup levels
  • Groundwater point of compliance

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Groundwater Topics Table of Contents

Groundwater Response Selection

  • Alternative Water Supplies
  • Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs) for Groundwater
  • Groundwater Technical Impracticability Waivers
  • Remedy Selection / Decision Documents
  • Phased Groundwater Cleanup Approach
  • Groundwater Removal Actions
  • Groundwater Use Determinations

Groundwater Response Technologies

  • Groundwater Treatment Technologies
  • Groundwater Measurement and Monitoring Technologies
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation for Groundwater
  • Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs) and Groundwater
  • Reinjection of Groundwater for Remediation

Groundwater Response Completion

  • Groundwater Remedial Action Completion

Related Groundwater Topics

  • Brownfields
  • Groundwater Task Force
  • Groundwater Forum (TSP)
  • Other

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Search all Groundwater Documents

Below is a compilation of EPA groundwater guidance and selected other reports on groundwater which are used frequently by Superfund Remedial Project Managers. These guidances and reports are available with context on sub-topic pages within the Superfund Groundwater web page.

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