Current NPL Updates: New Proposed NPL Sites and New NPL Sites

The National Priorities List is updated periodically, as mandated by CERCLA (CERCLA Overview). The EPA publishes the list of NPL sites in the Federal Register. The EPA published a rule in the Federal Register on September 9, 2016, proposing to add eight sites and adding ten sites to the NPL.

The Superfund program publishes documents with each rulemaking adding or proposing sites to the National Priorities List (NPL). Notification and listing of the sites are published in the Federal Register.

Depending on the action being taken by EPA, the Federal Register notice describes either the addition of sites to the NPL (final rule) or the proposal to add sites to the NPL (proposed rule). Notices for both actions provide a list of sites; background information about the NPL process, including information about the Superfund rules; and other site actions. The proposed rule notice also provides information about submitting comments on the sites proposed.

New Proposed NPL Sites

The EPA published a rule proposing to add eight sites to the NPL in the September 9, 2016, Federal Register. A total of 53 sites are proposed (Proposed National Priorities List (NPL) Sites) to the NPL as of this rulemaking. General information about site location, operations, contaminants, and site investigation activities is provided by the NPL Site Narrative at Listing. The HRS Documentation Record provides in-depth information about each site that is scored using the HRS (Introduction to the HRS). The document provides the basis for EPA's decision to propose sites to the NPL. A letter from the State is provided in lieu of the HRS Documentation Record when a site is proposed to the NPL as a State or Territory top-priority site regardless of HRS score. A letter from the State and other supporting documentation is provided in lieu of the HRS Documentation Record when a site is proposed to the NPL as an ATSDR site without the need to apply the HRS.

DISCLAIMER: The documentation records and narrative summaries provided on this page are the documentation records and narrative summaries available at the time of proposal. These documents are provided for informational purposes. The official copies of the documentation records, narrative summaries, and State concurrence letters are available at the EPA Headquarters Superfund Docket.

EPA accepts public comments regarding these proposed listings during a 60-day comment period following the publication date in the Federal Register.
Location Site Name
Quincy, Florida

 Post and Lumber Preserving Co. Inc.

Amesbury, Massachusetts

Microfab Inc (Former)

Valley, Nebraska

Old HWY 275 and N 288th Street

Yerington, Nevada

Anaconda Copper Mine

Village of Hoosick Falls, New York

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Bo. Cambalache, Puerto Rico

The Battery Recycling Company

Memphis, Tennessee

Former Custom Cleaners

Kermit, Texas

Highway 18 Ground Water

New NPL Sites

The Superfund (About Superfund) program added ten sites to the NPL in a rulemaking published in the September 9, 2016 Federal Register. A total of 1,338 uncontrolled hazardous waste sites are listed (National Priorities List (NPL) Sites) on the NPL as of this rulemaking.

Location Site Name
Jaskson, California

Argonaut Mine

San Juan County, Colorado

Bonita Peak Mining District

Indianapolis, Indiana

West Vermont Drinking Water Contamination

Jennings, Louisiana

SBA Shipyard

Columbia Falls, Montana

Anaconda Aluminum Co Columbia Falls Reduction Plant

Dutchess County, New York

Wappinger Creek

Riverside, Ohio

Valley Pike VOCs

Dorado, Puerto Rico

Dorado Ground Water Contamination

Live Oak, Texas

Eldorado Chemical Co., Inc.

Clarksburg, West Virginia

North 25th Street Glass and Zinc

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