Superfund Redevelopment Basics

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The Program

Superfund Redevelopment has helped communities reclaim and reuse thousands of acres of formerly contaminated land. Through an array of tools, partnerships, and activities, Superfund Redevelopment continues to provide local communities with new opportunities to grow and prosper.

Site-Specific Reuse Support

Superfund redevelopment works with communities to provide site-specific reuse support and help return Superfund sites to productive use. Browse sample reuse plans, reuse assessments and other reports.


Partnerships between EPA, states, tribes, other federal agencies, local governments, communities, land owners, lenders, developers, and parties that are potentially responsible for contamination are a critical factor in the reuse of Superfund sites. Learn about Superfund Redevelopment Partnerships.

Lessons Learned

Communities who have reused sites share their stories so others seeking to reuse sites or address problems can benefit from their experiences.  Learn more about reuse success stories.


EPA places a high priority on land revitalization as an integral part of its Superfund cleanup mission. Hundreds of communities have reclaimed formerly contaminated Superfund sites for protective and productive uses. Learn more about the benefits Superfund reuse brings to communities.

To communicate reuse-related information and accomplishments pertaining to sites ready for their current or reasonably anticipated future land uses, learn more about EPA’s land reuse and revitalization performance measures.