Skin Cancer Facts For Your State

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EPA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have written fact sheets that give state-specific information about skin cancer incidence, mortality, and prevention. We are making these publications available to enable decision makers and the public to learn the status of skin cancer in their localities. If your state is not listed, check back later. We will make additional fact sheets available as they are completed.


Annual Rate of New Melanoma Diagnoses, 2003-2007 All Races, Both Sexes, All Ages, Age-adjusted Rates

Please note that delays in reporting melanoma cases to cancer registries are more common since they are usually diagnosed and treated in non-hospital setting such as physician offices. States are grouped into quintiles based on rates of melanoma diagnoses. A quintile is a statistical “block” representing 20% of a total. Because data are available for only 47 states and D.C., four quintiles include ten states, and one quintile includes eight. For example, the eight states with the highest melanoma rates—22.6 to 30.6 diagnoses per 100,000 residents every year—are in the top quintile.

Fact sheets about skin cancer incidence, by state
State For Browsing For Printing References
Alabama AL Facts (PDF) AL Facts - Print (PDF) AL References (PDF)
Arizona AZ Facts (PDF) AZ Facts - Print (PDF) AZ References (PDF)
California CA Facts (PDF) CA Facts - Print (PDF) CA References (PDF)
Colorado CO Facts (PDF) CO Facts - Print (PDF) CO References (PDF)
Connecticut CT Facts (PDF) CT Facts - Print (PDF) CT References (PDF)
Delaware DE Facts (PDF) DE Facts - Print (PDF) DE References (PDF)
Florida FL Facts (PDF) FL Facts - Print (PDF) FL References (PDF)
Georgia GA Facts (PDF) GA Facts - Print (PDF) GA References (PDF)
Hawaii HI Facts (PDF) HI Facts - Print (PDF) HI References (PDF)
Idaho ID Facts (PDF) ID Facts - Print (PDF) ID References (PDF)
Illinois IL Facts (PDF) IL Facts - Print (PDF) IL References (PDF)
Iowa IA Facts (PDF) IA Facts - Print (PDF) IA References (PDF)
Kansas KS Facts (PDF) KS Facts - Print (PDF) KS References (PDF)
Kentucky KY Facts (PDF) KY Facts - Print (PDF) KY References (PDF)
Maine ME Facts (PDF) ME Facts - Print (PDF) ME References (PDF)
Maryland MD Facts (PDF) MD Facts - Print (PDF) MD References (PDF)
Massachusetts (versions A and B have different survivor stories)

MA Facts "A" (PDF)
MA Facts "B" (PDF)

MA Facts "A" - Print (PDF)
MA Facts "B" - Print (PDF)

MA References (PDF)
Michigan MI Facts (PDF) MI Facts - Print (PDF) MI References (PDF)
Minnesota MN Facts (PDF) MN Facts - Print (PDF) MN References (PDF)
Montana MT Facts (PDF) MT Facts - Print (PDF) MT References (PDF)
Nevada NV Facts (PDF) NV Facts - Print (PDF) NV References (PDF)
New Hampshire NH Facts (PDF) NH Facts - Print (PDF) NH References (PDF)
New Jersey NJ Facts (PDF) NJ Facts - Print (PDF) NJ References (PDF)
New Mexico NM Facts (PDF) NM Facts - Print (PDF) NM References (PDF)
New York NY Facts (PDF) NY Facts - Print (PDF) NY References (PDF)
North Carolina NC Facts (PDF) NC Facts - Print (PDF) NC References (PDF)
Ohio OH Facts (PDF) OH Facts - Print (PDF) OH References (PDF)
Oregon (versions A and B have different survivor stories)

OR Facts "A" (PDF)

OR Facts "B" (PDF)

OR Facts "A" - Print (PDF)

OR Facts "B" - Print (PDF)

OR References (PDF)
Pennsylvania PA Facts (PDF) PA Facts - Print (PDF) PA References (PDF)
Rhode Island RI Facts (PDF) RI Facts - Print (PDF) RI References (PDF)
South Carolina SC Facts (PDF) SC Facts - Print (PDF) SC References (PDF)
Tennessee TN Facts (PDF) TN Facts - Print (PDF) TN References (PDF)
Utah UT Facts (PDF) UT Facts - Print (PDF) UT References (PDF)
Vermont VT Facts (PDF) VT Facts - Print (PDF) VT References (PDF)
Virginia VA Facts (PDF) VA Facts - Print (PDF) VA References (PDF)
Washington WA Facts (PDF) WA Facts - Print (PDF) WA References (PDF)
West Virginia

WV Facts "A" (PDF)

WV Facts "B" (PDF)

WV Facts "A" - Print (PDF)

WV Facts "B" - Print (PDF)

WV References (PDF)
Wyoming WY Facts (PDF) WY Facts - Print (PDF) WY References (PDF)