Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry: Organic National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) - 40 CFR 63 Subparts F,G,H,I

Rule Summary

This National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) rule consists of four subparts in 40 CFR part 63. Subpart F provides the applicability criteria for Synthetic organic chemical manufacturing industry (SOCMI) sources, requires that owners and operators of SOCMI sources comply with subparts G and H, and specifies general recordkeeping and reporting requirements. The specific control, monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping requirements are stated in subpart G for process vents, storage vessels, transfer racks, and wastewater streams, and in subpart H for equipment leaks. Subpart I provides the applicability criteria for the non-SOCMI processes subject to the negotiated regulation for equipment leaks and requires owners and operators to comply with subpart H.

Rule History

12/21/2006 – Final Rule

06/14/2006 – Proposed Rule; amendments

12/23/2004 – Proposed Rule & Direct Final Rule 

01/20/2000 – Proposed Rule; amendments

12/09/1998 – Final Rule Correction

08/22/1997 – Proposed Rule; correction  & Proposed Rule; amendments

01/17/1997 – Final Rule: amendments

12/05/1996 – Final Rule: amendments

08/26/1996 – Proposed Rule: amendments

06/20/1996 – Final Rule: amendments

02/29/1996 – Proposed Rule & Direct Final Rule 

12/12/1995 – Final Rule; correcting amendments

04/10/1995 – Proposed Rule: clarification

04/10/1995 – Proposed Rule & Direct Final Rule

04/10/1995 – Final Rule; amendments

01/27/1995 –  Final Rule & Extension of Compliance

10/28/1994 – Notice of Partial Stay and Reconsideration & Proposed Compliance Extension and Proposed Changes to Subpart H

10/24/1994 – Proposed Amendments & Notice of Partial Stay and Reconsideration & Proposed Amendments

09/20/1994 – Correcting Amendments

06/06/1994 – Final Rule

04/22/1994 – Final Rule

12/31/1992 - Proposed Rule (txt)(1 MB)

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