Primary Aluminum Reduction Industry - National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP)

Rule Summary

This rule includes technology-based NESHAP for each new or existing potline, pitch storage tank, paste production operation, and anode bake furnace located at a primary aluminum reduction plant that is considered a major source of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) under title III of the Clean Air Act (CAA). This NESHAP address emissions of HAP from the Primary Aluminum Production source category including carbonyl sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, polycyclic organic matter, metal HAP (e.g., lead, nickel and manganese), polychlorinated biphenyls and mercury. This rule also includes risk-based emission limits to address the residual risk remaining after implementation of the NESHAP. These standards implement sections 112(d) and (f) of the CAA, as amended.

Primary aluminum reduction plants electrolytically reduce refined bauxite to form aluminum. Once formed, the aluminum may be processed via casting (pouring molten aluminum into a mold), rolling, extrusion, etc. to meet the shape, strength and durability requirements of its final use. Aluminum is used extensively in consumer packaging (e.g., cans and foil), transportation applications (e.g., cars, planes and trains) and in the building industry.

Rule History

10/15/2015 - Final rule

01/15/2015 - Supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking; extension of public comment period

12/08/2014 - Supplemental proposed rulemaking

01/19/2012 -  Proposed rule; extension of public comment period

12/06/2011 - Proposed rule

11/02/2005 - Final rule; amendments

03/17/2003 - Proposed rule; amendments

10/07/1997 - Final rule

09/26/1996 - Proposed rule and notice of public hearing

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Background Information Document

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Basis and Purpose Document for the Development of Proposed Standards for the Primary Aluminum Industry

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