Climate and Energy Resources for State, Local and Tribal Governments

State Climate and Energy Webinars

EPA's State Climate and Energy Webinar Series helps state staff explore key issues surrounding state climate, energy efficiency, and renewable energy efforts. Organized as a discussion among state energy, environment, and public utility commission staff, these webinars feature peer exchange and expert presentations. 

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Some older webinars have been archived and are accessible at the EPA Archives: Search EPA Archive

Presentations and other materials from these webinars are posted below, and can be filtered by topic:

Presentation Date Topic
Solar for All: Making it Happen in Low-Income Communities April 2016 Energy Supply
Energy Efficiency and Peak Electricity Demand: Energy, Environmental, and Economic Implications April 2007 Energy Efficiency
Developing a GHG Inventory October 2007 Emissions
Translating Inventory Results into Action November 2007 Emissions
State Inventory Tool (SIT) Training Session December 2007 Emissions
Gathering and Using State-Level Energy Data May 2008 Energy Supply
State and Regional Clean Energy Planning June 2008 Energy Supply
Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) October 2008 Energy Supply
Planning and Management of the Electricity Grid: Why it is Important to State Clean Energy Programs December 2008 Energy Supply
State Programs for Building Local Government Climate & Energy Planning Capacity May 2009 Energy Supply
Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERSs) January 2010 Energy Efficiency
State Public Utility Commission Overview for Energy and Environment Officials May 2010 Lead By Example / Government Operations
Climate Change Adaptation for State and Local Governments – Part One: Climate Impacts and Risk Communication November 2010 Climate Change Policy
Climate Change Adaptation for State and Local Governments – Part Two: Adaptation Planning and Implementation December 2010 Climate Change Policy
Climate Change Adaptation for State and Local Governments – Part Three: Federal Resources and Support for Climate Change Adaptation January 2011 Climate Change Policy
Clean Energy and Transmission Planning in the Eastern Connection January 2011 Lead By Example / Government Operations
The Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database: Potential Uses for State and Local Governments March 2011 Emissions
The Electric System and the Benefits of Clean Energy April 2011 Energy Supply
Quantifying the Emission Impacts of Clean Energy Initiatives June 2011 Emissions
The Jobs Impact of Clean Energy August 2011 Clean Energy Jobs
Deciding How to Quantify Emissions Reductions from Clean Energy January 2012 Emissions
Using EPA’s GHG Reporting Rule Data for State and Local Governments March 2012 Emissions
Estimating the Health Impacts of Climate Change and Clean Energy Programs October 2012 Emissions
Achieving Buy-In for Adaptation Projects March 2013 Lead By Example / Government Operations
Overcoming the Uncertainty Barrier to Adaptation April 2013 Lead By Example / Government Operations
Attracting Funding for Adaptation May 2013 Funding Initiatives
Gaining Support and Attracting Participation through Communication December 2013 Communications
The Role of Communication in Ensuring Sustained Behavior Change December 2013 Communications
Using Effective Communication to Showcase Program Successes December 2013 Communications
AVoided Emissions and geneRation Tool (AVERT) Webinar March 2014 Emissions
Better Together: Linking and Leveraging Energy Programs for Low-Income Households November 2015 Community Planning and Design
Beyond the Light Touch: Next Steps for Improving Energy Efficiency in Multi-Family Affordable Housing January 2016 Community Planning and Design