Standards for Water Body Health

Provide Public Comments and Attend Meetings to Protect Water Quality

The Clean Water Act requires states, territories and authorized tribes to review their water quality standards as necessary or at least every three years and amend and update them as necessary. One important element of any review is to ensure an opportunity for the public to comment upon the need for revisions to state, territory and tribal water quality standards.

This review process provides the general public (you) an opportunity to become involved in protecting the water bodies in your area. EPA encourages you to attend public events and to share your specialized knowledge of how waterbodies in your area are used or could be used.

In addition to activities at the state, territory or tribal level, EPA also provides an opportunity for public involvement when it proposes new federal regulations.

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Public Comments

As part of the rulemaking process, EPA must consider the public comments received on proposed federal regulation. EPA generally publishes a notice in the Federal Register prior to formal comment periods on proposed rulemaking or other applicable activities. Generally, comment periods last for 30-90 days. The length of the comment period will be stated in the Federal Register notice.

National Public Meetings and Webinars

Several important goals of public meetings and webinars are to inform the public about upcoming events and rulemakings, and to provide general information.

Meetings and Webinars in Your State, Territory or Authorized Tribe

Please refer to the water quality standards webpage maintained by your individual state, territory, authorized tribe or EPA regional office for more information.

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