Standards for Water Body Health

Partners You Can Work with to Protect Water Quality

To effectively implement Water Quality Standards nationally, EPA partners with:
  • the Public
  • other Stakeholders
  • States
  • Territories
  • Authorized Tribes and
  • other Federal Agencies

However, protecting water quality begins with you! Get others in your community involved and committed to protecting water quality or partner with local community groups, EPA or others. By partnering with these groups, you and EPA work together to meet and protect the water quality standards for everyone.

Stay informed and become an advocate for the water quality standards in your state, territory or tribe. Additionally, spread the word and get others involved in your community.

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EPA Contacts


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State, Territory, and Tribal Contacts

Some state programs include work groups comprised of community members, interstate, or federal partners to provide feedback to EPA.

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Associations can also be valuable partners to the public and to water quality standards professionals. For example, these groups often offer training and conferences, foster an exchange of information between groups, and present strategies to advance water quality standards issues. The following links exit the site Exit

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Interstate Organizations

Interstate partners can be important liaisons in the community, often facilitating constructive communication with EPA, states, territories and tribes to encourage collaboration and innovation among programs and partners.

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Stakeholder Organizations

Stakeholder organizations often work with states, territories and authorized tribes to monitor and report on the condition of local waters. Stakeholder organizations may include trade, environmental and industry groups as well as non-government organizations (NGOs). Stakeholders are often essential in providing feedback to EPA on:

  • Local conditions
  • Organizing volunteer efforts
  • Assisting with standards implementation and
  • Providing feedback for new or revised water quality standards

Members of various stakeholder groups can also help to answer your questions about the water quality standards in your community.

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Federal Agencies

EPA relies on many federal partners to accomplish the mission of water quality protection nationwide. EPA’s federal partners help to promote water quality issues, including:

  • researching and providing guidance on water quality standards necessary to protect threatened and endangered species (National Marine Fisheries Service [NMFS])
  • monitoring national water quality (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA])
  • monitoring natural resources (U.S. Geological Survey [USGS])
  • managing fish, wildlife and natural habitats (Fish and Wildlife Services [FWS])

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