Soil Fumigants

Introduction to Soil Fumigant Management Plans

Soil fumigant labels require users to prepare a site-specific fumigation management plan (FMP) before the application begins. For additional information see our fact sheet, Phase 2 Site-Specific Fumigant Management Plans and Post-Application Summaries.

We have developed fumigant management plan templates that fulfill the elements required by the labels.  Please note that users may develop their own fumigant management plan or use one developed through an outside vendor to meet the label requirements rather than using these templates.

  • Templates for fumigant management plans for phase 1 labels (identified by absence of "terms used in labeling" section; few labels fall into this category. You can access these templates by using the search box on this site or via a search from your browser: "Phase 1 templates".)
  • Templates for fumigant management plans for phase 2 labels (identified by presence of "terms used in labeling" section)
  • Use Agrian's Electronic Fumigant Management Plan, Exit  a tool developed by an outside vendor for fumigant management plans for Phase 2 labels 

The changes to soil fumigant labels were phased in, with some requirements taking effect in 2010 (Phase 1) and others in 2012 (Phase 2). Additional information on the requirements for Phase 1 and Phase 2 labels is available on the implementation schedule fact sheet.

For situations where an initial FMP is developed and certain elements are the same for multiple fumigation sites (e.g., applicator information, handlers, recordkeeping procedures, emergency procedures), only the elements that have changed need to be updated in the site-specific FMP provided that:

  • the certified applicator supervising the application has verified those elements are current and applicable to the application block before it is fumigated; and
  • recordkeeping requirements are followed for the entire FMP (including elements that do not change).