Soak Up the Rain: Share Your Story

People are excited to share stories and pictures of the steps they're taking to soak up the rain. If you're on social media help spread the word and use the hashtag #soakuptherain.

You can also post your photos to EPA's Soak Up the Rain Group on flickr. Exit

  • Every drop counts. Show us the actions you've taken to help reduce runoff and protect your local waters. Add your photos to the gallery. Help inspire and motivate others!
  • Feel free to include photos that show:
    • the "before" and "after" of your project
    • your project doing its job, e.g. the rain garden capturing the water during a rain shower
    • your project at different times of the year – let's see your rain garden in full bloom!

Feel free to tag your photos so others living nearby might follow suit. Useful tags could include:

  • your city and state (zip code also helps)
  • the type of project: rain garden, rain barrel, green roof, drywell, etc
  • who did the project: homeowner, business, school group, garden club, municipal

While uploading photos that were taken from your phone, you may be prompted to include a map of your location. While it would be helpful (but not necessary) to share your town or state, we ask that you do not share residential addresses. If your location information appears on a map with your photo, flickr allows you to hide or delete that information.

If you have problems or questions about sharing your photos on flickr, contact