Soak Up the Rain Ready-to-Use Outreach Tools

Soak Up the Rain is a stormwater public outreach campaign to raise awareness about the problem of polluted stormwater runoff and to encourage action by citizens, municipalities, and others to help soak up the rain to reduce runoff. A suite of ready-to-use Soak Up the Rain tools is available for download and use in outreach efforts, and additional tools are under development.

If you would like to customize a Soak Up the Rain tool by adding your organization's name, website URL, logo and other contact information, you can do this with the Soak Up the Rain Customizable Tools.

Faces of Soak up the Rain Exit
3-minute video featuring a municipal official, school principal, landscape designer, watershed activist, and homeowners describing the problem of polluted runoff and the opportunities and benefits of soaking up the rain.