Guide for Industrial Waste Management

EPA's Guide for Industrial Waste Management, found at the bottom of this page, provides informative tools and resources to help manage the non-hazardous industrial waste disposed of in your state, company, or community. The purpose of the guide is to:

  1. Provide facility managers, state and tribal regulators, and the interested public with recommendations and tools to better address the management of land-disposed, non-hazardous industrial wastes,
  2. Help facility managers make environmentally responsible decisions while working in partnership with state and tribal regulators and the public,
  3. Serve as an accessible implementation reference tool for regulators to complement existing programs and help address any gaps, and
  4. Help the public become more knowledgeable and informed in addressing waste management issues in the community.

The guide provides several tools to understand and assess risks potentially posed by industrial wastes. These tools include the:

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