Use the SmartWay Brand

The SmartWay mark signifies the gold standard in freight efficiency accounting and designates SmartWay Partners as corporate leaders advancing the movement towards cleaner, more sustainable supply chain management.

Since its introduction in 2004, the SmartWay brand has:

  • Helped achieve significant emissions reductions from goods movement.
  • Raised awareness about the need to improve transportation sustainability.
  • Motivated carriers, logistics managers, and their customers to improve how they move goods, products, and supplies, resulting in less fuel use, reduced costs, and fewer emissions.
  • Helped improve the freight industry’s image among consumers and the driving public.
  • Contributed to a steady growth in the number of companies and affiliates pursuing and delivering on environmental excellence through their participation in SmartWay.

EPA, SmartWay Partners, and SmartWay Affiliates continue to use the SmartWay mark to communicate their shared commitment to reducing transportation-related emissions.

How You Can Use the SmartWay Brand

Companies and organizations that work with SmartWay can use the SmartWay brand to show their commitment to building a more sustainable freight supply chain and reducing the impact of freight transportation on climate change.