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EPA hosts events and webinars to help you learn how to get the most out of the SmartWay Program.

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Freight Matters! Webinar Series: Hear from leaders in the industry about freight-related trends and issues that matter to your business.

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Event Type Legend

Type Date Event Name
Education Webinar January 26, 2017 SmartWay Affiliate Roundtable Chat
Education Webinar February 1, 2017 Introduction to the 2017 SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool

Recordings or presentation slides for all previously hosted webinars are listed below. Event Type Legend

Type Event Name
Education Webinar 2016 SmartWay Awardee Best Practices Webinar
Education Webinar Unlocking SmartWay Data for Shippers: Optimize Supply Chain Decision Making and Enhance CSR Reporting
Freight Matters Webinar Efficiency Begins at Home, but What About the Neighbors: Getting to Know Your SmartWay Carriers!
Education Webinar Affiliates: Take the SmartWay Affiliate Challenge!
Education Webinar Shippers: There's a SmartWay for You
Tool Advanced Webinar Showcasing Your Pollution Reductions Using the 'Shipper Strategies' Tab in the SmartWay Shipper Tool
Education Webinar 2016 SmartWay Shipper Tool Demonstration
Freight Matters Webinar SmartWay Global Green Freight Action
Education Webinar Strut your SmartWay Stuff
Education Webinar The Business Case for Becoming a SmartWay Shipper
Education Webinar The Business Case for Becoming a SmartWay Carrier
Tool Demo Webinar 2016 SmartWay Logistics Company Tool Demonstration
Freight Matters Webinar The Power of SmartWay Partnerships
Tool Demo Webinar 2016 SmartWay Multimodal Carrier Tool Demonstration
Recognition Webinar 2016 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Recognition Webinar
Tool Demo Webinar 2016 SmartWay Air Carrier Tool Demonstration
Freight Matters Webinar How Sustainable Freight Creates a More Efficient Supply Chain
Education Webinar New Partner Orientation
Tool Advanced Webinar SmartWay Truck Tool-Advanced Class: Getting the Most out of Your SmartWay Participation
Tool Demo Webinar The New, Improved 2016 SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool
Tool Advanced Webinar SmartWay Shipper Tool Advanced Class: Using the “Shipper Strategies” Tab in the SmartWay Shipper Tool
Tool Demo Webinar 2015 SmartWay Shipper Tool Demonstration
Education Webinar EPA SmartWay’s Vision 2020 for Supply Chain Sustainability
Education Webinar The SmartWay to Cut Costs and Carbon from Your Supply Chain
Education Webinar Developing a SmartWay Global Green Freight Action Plan
Education Webinar Best Practices of Multiple-Time SmartWay Award Winners
Education Webinar Modifying Driver Behavior – An Important Piece to Greening Your Fleet
Education Webinar Carbon Accounting and Reporting Using SmartWay Data and Partner Tool Reports
Education Webinar Anticipatory Supply Chains
Education Webinar Any Way They Ship It. They Ship It the SmartWay
Education Webinar Trends in Intermodal Freight Transport
  • Education Webinar: Informational webinar related to improving performance as a SmartWay Partner or Affiliate.
  • Freight Matters Webinar: Interviews and panel discussions with industry leaders and experts on broad topics related to freight transportation sustainability.
  • Tool Demo Webinar: Demonstration of a SmartWay accounting and tracking tool.
  • Tool Advanced Webinar: Advanced training on features and capabilities of SmartWay accounting and tracking tools.
  • Recognition Webinar: Webinar to recognize award or challenge honorees.
  • Live Workshop: In-person events focused on advancing freight transportation sustainability.
  • SmartWay Conference Presentation: A conference or event where EPA staff present SmartWay.

Introduction to the 2017 SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool

Weds., February 1, 2017, 11:00 PM (PT)/1:00 PM (CT)/2:00 PM (ET)

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If you are a truck freight carrier, or anyone else interested in an introduction to how the 2017 SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool allows a truck carrier to measure its environmental performance using its operational data, EPA SmartWay invites you to join us in this demonstration webinar. The presentation will first introduce you to the “what’s and why’s” of SmartWay, and will then focus on its environmental performance assessment tool for truck carriers. The tool uses your 2016 data to calculate and report your company’s CO2, NOx, and PM emissions, enabling you to benchmark and track your company’s annual changes in performance. This is a basic webinar, presented especially for those who are new to the program or in need of a SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool “refresher.”

Presenter: Erik Herzog (EPA)

SmartWay Affiliate Roundtable Chat

Thursday, January 26, 2017, 11:30 AM (PT)/1:30 PM (CT)/2:30 PM (ET)
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Join SmartWay Affiliates for a virtual networking session. Affiliates will share their approaches in helping their members and stakeholders achieve more sustainable freight supply chains resulting in better efficiencies and cleaner air. Practical techniques, best practices and lessons learned will be highlighted from industry associations, state and local air quality groups and truck dealerships. Sign up and be part of the discussion.

Presenter: Patrice Thornton (EPA)