SmartWay Global Freight Supply Chain Programs

SmartWay Collaboration and SmartWay Sister Programs

Other countries and business coalitions around the world are working to implement programs like SmartWay to help address the impacts of freight transportation. Many are modeled on SmartWay’s public-private partnership model and performance benchmarking methods.

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Global Green Freight Action Plan

EPA is working with the United Nations Environment Programme’s Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) to advance global freight sustainability as part of its commitment to the CCAC Heavy-Duty Diesel Initiative.

  • EPA supported the development of CCAC’s Global Green Freight Action Plan as a roadmap and blueprint for countries to develop programs like SmartWay. The Action Plan is intended to help develop new programs, support the alignment and harmonization of existing programs, and incorporate control of black carbon into freight sustainability efforts.

To support other countries’ green freight efforts, EPA contributed to CCAC’s development of the Global Green Freight website. This online information clearinghouse provides resources for policymakers, business leaders, and other organizations to help them with their green freight efforts. Essential resources such as a technical background report on global programs and initiatives are available to help researchers and planners.

Because different countries and regions have developed variations of freight sustainability programs using their own methods, standards, and metrics, the Smart Freight Centre formed the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) to help standardize and harmonize programs and practices. GLEC has created a standard methodology framework for green freight programs, the Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies, which draws on SmartWay tools and methods.