Meet the SmartWay Partners and Affiliates

EPA’s SmartWay Partners and Affiliates are paving the way for a cleaner, more fuel-efficient future. These companies and organizations are taking action to reduce the carbon footprint of the goods movement and are developing more sustainable supply chains.

Learn more about the companies and organizations that work with SmartWay and their accomplishments.

  • SmartWay Partner List: A sortable and comprehensive list of current EPA SmartWay Partners. These organizations measure, benchmark, and improve performance on key climate change and fuel efficiency metrics related to corporate supply chain freight transportation.
  • SmartWay Affiliate List: A list of the organizations that are helping to spread the word about sustainable supply chain transportation efforts and growing the SmartWay Program.
  • SmartWay Charter Partners: EPA acknowledges the 15 freight industry leading organizations that helped conceive and launch the SmartWay Program in 2003.
  • Carrier Performance Rankings: This listing shows the relative performance ranking of carriers and logistics companies registered with SmartWay.
  • SmartWay Excellence Awardees: Each year, EPA recognizes the top 2 percent of SmartWay Partners who have made significant contributions to reducing the impact of freight transportation on climate change and air quality.
  • SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Honorees: EPA recognizes the contributions of high-performing SmartWay Affiliates that go above and beyond to help spread the word about SmartWay and encourage members, customers and stakeholders to become SmartWay Partners.