How the SmartWay Partnership Works

Companies and organizations that ship, manage, or carry freight can join SmartWay as registered SmartWay Partners.

SmartWay has three types of partners:

  • SmartWay Shipper Partners: Organizations that ship freight, including:
    • Fortune 500® companies
    • Small and medium sized businesses
    • Local, state, tribal, and federal governments
    • Colleges and universities
  • SmartWay Carrier Partners: Businesses that carry or move goods for shippers, including:
    • Truck carriers
    • Rail carriers
    • Barge carriers
    • Air carriers
    • Multimodal carriers
  • SmartWay Logistics Company Partners: Firms that hire freight carriers and manage freight shipments for shippers.

Organizations that do not fall into these categories but seek to participate in SmartWay may be eligible to become SmartWay Affiliates.

Joining and registering with SmartWay is straightforward (and free)!

SmartWay offers an integrated set of no-cost, peer-reviewed carbon accounting and tracking tools to help companies make informed freight transportation choices. These tools help registered partners to measure, benchmark, and report carbon emissions and to improve freight efficiency and environmental performance across their supply chain.

SmartWay Steps to Success graphicThere are five basic steps to success with the SmartWay program:

  1. Measure your supply chain footprint
  2. Benchmark performance
  3. Report results
  4. Innovate operations
  5. Improve efficiency

Companies that carry goods measure their fuel efficiency. When they submit their data information to EPA, they become registered SmartWay Carrier Partners, and performance is ranked against the performance of other companies in their sector.

SmartWay Carrier Partner information is aggregated and provided to enterprises that ship goods (SmartWay Shipper Partners) or manage freight shipments (SmartWay Logistics Company Partners). These shippers and logistics companies are then able to assess the impact of their current transportation activities and find ways to get better.

Companies that register with SmartWay receive:

  • Environmental performance data for use in sustainability reports and carbon accounting.
  • Access to detailed reports and statistics about their efficiency and their performance compared to their peers.
  • Documentation of their performance that they can share with their customers and other stakeholders to show that they are SmartWay Partners in good standing.
  • Rights to use the SmartWay logo to promote their participation in a variety of ways.
  • The option of putting the SmartWay logo on their tractors and trailers if the equipment meets EPA standards.

When you join SmartWay, you’re in great company.

SmartWay has over 3,000 SmartWay Shipper, Logistics Company, and Carrier Partners. When your company registers as a SmartWay Partner, you will be among the global leaders in freight sustainability.

Become a SmartWay Partner Today!

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