Become a SmartWay Shipper Partner

The SmartWay program helps shippers demonstrate efficiency achievements, show continuous improvement, and learn best practices to become even better.

Benefits of Becoming a SmartWay Shipper

Reduce your Environmental Impact

  • Establish your company’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact of freight transportation
  • Develop industry-standardized baseline or benchmark for your carbon footprint
  • Get the metrics and data you need to make better decisions that reduce your impact

Demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Showcase your achievements to consumers who embrace sustainability in purchasing decisions
  • Communicate your efforts to a broad group of stakeholders
  • Resonate with a value-driven millennial workforce

Exhibit your Leadership

  • Define your leadership position in a world that expects corporate action on climate
  • Develop strategic partnerships that help you maximize your impact
  • Influence your supply chain to establish efficiency as a priority

Manage your Risk

  • Demonstrate sustainability status to investors
  • Prepare for the future of environmental business risk and governance

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