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Why SmartWay

Today’s freight shipping clients are increasingly demanding accountability and transparency from the companies in their supply chain, including their transportation partners.

Carriers that join SmartWay and become registered SmartWay Partners meet these demands with ease. Registered SmartWay Carrier Partners measure, benchmark, and track their efforts to increase efficiency and fuel economy and have the documentation to prove it, giving them an advantage with prospective and current clients.

The SmartWay Program helps carriers demonstrate their efficiency achievements, show continuous improvement, and learn best practices to become even better.

Benefits of Becoming a SmartWay Carrier Partner

When we help you reduce fuel use and increase efficiency, there's a win-win—your business saves money, and the environment suffers fewer harmful emissions.

Becoming a SmartWay Carrier Partner helps you achieve:

  • Credible efficiency tracking and carbon accounting: EPA's performance tools are the "gold standard" of fuel efficiency and carbon accounting in the freight transportation sector, ensuring that your tracking efforts are consistent with industry best practices.
  • Demonstrated commitment: Your customers and clients look to SmartWay as their preferred way of identifying more efficient carriers. Your participation quickly signals that efficiency is a priority for your company.
  • Measurable results: Track the metrics that matter most to your bottom line. By benchmarking and monitoring your performance, you see how you compare to your peers, as well as how your efforts affect results on a year-to-year basis. SmartWay provides reports that make it easy to show improvements.
  • Operational efficiencies: You can't fix what you don't measure. SmartWay helps you identify inefficiency and waste that costs you money, and allows you to make strategic improvements year after year.
  • Sustainability innovations: Tap into industry expertise and best practices through expert webinars, meetings, and case studies.
  • Continuous improvement: Your annual participation in SmartWay provides business intelligence that helps pinpoint real achievements and uncover opportunities to get better.
  • Industry recognition: EPA showcases companies that demonstrate green freight best practices via case studies, profiles, panel discussions, webinars, and awards.

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