Become a SmartWay Affiliate

SmartWay Partners are organizations that ship, carry or manage freight transportation across domestic and global supply chains.

However, if your enterprise does not control freight shipments, you can still advance supply chain sustainability by becoming a SmartWay Affiliate.

The types of organizations that can become SmartWay Affiliates include:

  • Industry trade and professional associations
  • Environmental organizations
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Municipal, county, state, and federal government agencies
  • Truck/trailer dealers and leasing companies

SmartWay Affiliates commit to spreading the word about SmartWay within the freight transport industry. Here are a few ways SmartWay Affiliates help grow the SmartWay program:

  • Associations and environmental organizations educate members about the SmartWay program and supply chain sustainability.
  • Truck and trailer leading companies and dealers promote and lease/sell EPA-designated SmartWay Tractors or Trailers and SmartWay-verified technologies.
  • Academic institutions promote freight efficiency as part of their campus environmental initiatives.
  • Municipal and other government agencies educate new and existing businesses about the importance of fuel efficiency in their communities.

Benefits of Becoming a SmartWay Affiliate

SmartWay Affiliates help members, customers, and stakeholders learn about sustainable goods movement and improve their performance by joining SmartWay.

  • Bring value to your stakeholders via education, webinars, best practices, and technical support.
  • Help members make a difference and address climate impacts from goods movement.
  • Provide free value-added resources for your members and stakeholders.
  • Get recognized by EPA for your commitment to raising awareness and transforming the freight sector.
  • Learn from other organizations about how to advance sustainable freight efficiency.

Steps to Become a SmartWay Affiliate

To become a SmartWay Affiliate:

  1. Download and complete the SmartWay Affiliate Agreement.
  2. Email the signed agreement to EPA at

What happens next:

  • You'll receive a welcome email with links to resources and best practices.
  • Someone from EPA will call you to help you get started.

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