Industrial Process Refrigeration Compliance Guide

DISCLAIMER: Those responsible for complying with EPA’s leak repair requirements should consult the actual regulations. Reliance on this guidance alone does not ensure compliance.

Industrial Process Refrigeration Compliance Guide

EPA and the Chemical Manufacturer's Association (CMA) developed guidance to explain the refrigerant leak repair requirements for industrial process refrigeration, as detailed in 40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F. The guidance is intended for those persons who are responsible for their company or organization complying with the amendments. This may include plant engineers, maintenance supervisors, or maintenance technicians.

Download the compliance guide here.

What the Guidance Covers

The guidance is focused on leak repair requirements that are relevant to industrial process refrigeration systems. It includes timelines for leak repair and appliance retrofit/retirement and a self-audit checklist. These provisions remain in effect until January 1, 2019.

What the Guidance Does Not Cover

This guidance does not discuss:

The guidance does not explain how to do everything required or permitted under EPA’s Section 608 regulations, such as how to perform a leak test. It also assumes that its readers are properly trained in the various actions it describes. If you are not sure how to do what the guidance recommends, consult with knowledgeable personnel in your company or organization.