EPA's Next Generation Air Measuring Research

Protecting the Air We Breathe with Technology

Published in October 2015

These are exciting times in the field of air quality measurement and monitoring. New technological advances are transforming and revolutionizing how we understand and protect air quality. EPA is actively leading research to further develop, evaluate, and implement the use of a wide array of new air quality approaches and technologies.

Graphics of various air sensorsRead the articles to learn more about new ways to measure air quality.

Advancements by EPA scientists and engineers are changing the way we measure and monitor air quality to protect a precious resource – clean air. They are putting low-cost, portable air sensors into the hands of citizens to investigate air quality in their neighborhoods and communities; providing fenceline monitoring and other new and improved ways to monitor nearby sources of air pollutants, including roadways, rail yards, ports, and industry; and providing new monitoring tools to assist air quality managers with implementing the nation’s air quality standards. 

In this special issue of Science Matters newsletter, we showcase just a few of EPA’s research projects to advance the next generation of air measurement and monitoring.

Read the following articles to learn more about this excellent work.

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